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Meet the Reviewers

Up until November, 2001, I was the only contributor of articles and reviews here at The Templeton Gate, even though my son has helped me tremendously with the images and layout design. At that time, Alex posted a film review, thankfully just the first of many. Then later, out of the blue, I got an email from someone who had found my review of A. I., and he sent me his own review. I don't know whether he had already written it, or if my article inspired him to put his own thoughts down into words, but whatever the case, I offered to post his review here and he accepted.

Over time, several other people inquired about contributing, as well as my asking regulars at the Templeton Gate Forums if they would be interested. So here is a list of reviewers so far, and I hope the list grows a lot longer in the future. Please note that while I have chosen to write reviews only for things I can recommend (at this time at least), some of the others (Ogre in particular) may be on the negative side.

Galen Strickland (That's me, folks!) - you can assume, unless otherwise stated, that all articles are mine.

Alex Strickland

Eliza Dolots

Mark L. Ebert



Padre Mellyrn






David Longhorn

Michael Woodard


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