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This site has been an amazon.com associate for nearly 20 years, long before they became the behemoth they are now, long before they became synonymous with the worst aspects of capitalism. I can understand those who do not wish to patronize them, and I share that sentitment somewhat. But I do have a Kindle, and I enjoy several of their Prime shows, so I'm likely to remain a Prime member for a while. Everyone else is free to make their own decision about that.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now also an affiliate of Bookshop.org, recently created to support independent bookstores forced to close due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Commissions earned through any of our links have at times offset the expenses of domain name purchase and hosting services, although they have generally fallen far short of that. I want to emphasize there is no pressure from me, otherwise why would I also inform you of other sites and companies from which you can select your choices? In addition to Bookshop, I'd direct you to other sites I use often, including BookOutlet, which consists primarily of remaindered titles, which previously would have been returned to publishers. I also use BookFinder.com for titles that are out of print, but they also provide links to new books from various sellers, including Amazon and Ebay. Also, there are many other retailers offering DVDs and Blu-Rays, although you'll likely find amazon can beat their prices. Again, your choice.

If you choose to click on any of the book or video titles for which I have provided an amazon link, and you purchase it, The Templeton Gate account is credited with a commission. It does not amount to much, but since I have and will continue to mention many books, films, etc, then I felt it was only logical to take advantage of the opportunity to supply this site with a little income. You do not have to buy any specific title listed here, you can also do a general search once you get to amazon and find other titles to buy, and we will still make a commission on those. So click on one of the images below to do a general search or on one of the text lines to look for specific titles already mentioned on the site. Thanks.


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