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"About the best bio you'll find of [Poul Anderson] is at The Templeton Gate. Galen Strickland, the webmaster of Templeton Gate, is in the process of building a useful, critical site." - James Patrick Kelly, On the Net: Mastery,, Issue 0511

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The Man in the
High Castle

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The Left Hand
of Darkness

by Ursula K. Le Guin
Hugo & Nebula winner

The Expanse
(Updated Review)
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April 5

The Dispossessed
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Hugo & Nebula winner

The Word For
World Is Forest

by Ursula K. Le Guin
Hugo winner

The X-Files
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The Word For World Is Forest
Posted by Galen
February 13, 2016
8:10pm CST

The Word For World Is Forest won a Hugo as best novella in 1973. It originally appeared in the 1972 anthology Again, Dangerous Visions, but has also been printed on its own in several editions over the years. Not as good as the two previously reviewed books, and not the best novella from that year either.


The Dispossessed
2/9/16; 5:45pm CST - Galen
Ursula Le Guin also won a Hugo and Nebula (among others) for 1974's The Dispossessed, both a personal and a political story. One of the best there has ever been.


The Expanse TV (Revised)
2/9/16; 5:45pm CST - Galen
Now that the first short season is complete, I edited my review a bit.


The Left Hand of Darkness
2/3/16; 9:45pm CST - Galen
Ursula K. Le Guin won her first Hugo, and Nebula, with 1969's The Left Hand of Darkness. It's just as good now and it was then, a testament to a true classic. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?


Signal To Noise
1/31/16; 2:20pm CST - Galen
Silvia Moreno Garcia's first novel, Signal To Noise, is a vivid tale of teenage angst mixed with music and magic in Mexico City in the late 1980s, with later reflections in 2009. Recommended.


City of Blades
1/27/15; 5:10pm CST - Galen
The second novel of The Divine Cities by Robert Jackson Bennett is City of Blades. It's actually better than the first, and I expect it to show up on quite a few award ballots next year. If you haven't yet read my review of the first book of the series just scroll up to the top of that page.


The X-Files
1/23/15; 10:00pm CST - Galen
In anticipation of the new mini-series starting tomorrow on FOX, I recently completed a re-watch of all nine seasons of The X-Files, quite a bit of which I had not seen the first time around. My review page also includes comments on the two movies, and I'll update with comments on the new episodes soon, although I may wait until all six have been broadcast.


City of Stairs
1/18/15; 1:00pm CST - Galen
Robert Jackson Bennett's City of Stairs is the first of a trilogy called The Divine Cities. Great world-building, interesting characters, a compelling mystery. Recommended. The second book will be out a week from tomorrow, but I have an advance copy, so I'll be updating the review soon.


1/7/15; 3:15pm CST - Galen
Planetfall by Emma Newman is both a taut mystery about colonizing an alien planet, as well as an intense portrait of an interesting, but disturbed, woman. Recommended.


Harlan Ellison is CanTankerous
1/2/15; 7:00pm CST - Galen
Harlan's latest book contains previously uncollected stories, some very old, but rewritten for this publication. Unfortunately, Can & Can'Tankerous is only for the die-hard fans.


Hello 2016!
1/1/15; 8:30am CST - Galen
New year, and normally I would be starting out this page as a new slate, with all of last year's updates moved to the Archives page. I did actually move them all, but also left the last few on this page for a while to highlight the most recent reviews. Can't say yet when the first new one of this year will be uploaded, but maybe this weekend. I reviewed a total of thirty-two books in 2015, while also re-reading a few previously reviewed ones. That's an increase of ten over 2014, but I will endeavor to do even more this year, with my goal being at least fifty. There were also ten movie reviews, three for TV shows, one author profile, plus other miscellaneous additions to existing pages. All in all, an improvement over 2014, but not as much as I would have liked.


Two TV Reviews
12/29/15; 7:00am CST - Galen
I finally got around to two TV reviews I've been thinking about for several weeks. Amazon's The Man in the High Castle and Syfy's Childhood's End mini-series. The first is recommended, the latter, sort of, but with reservations.


The Force Awakens
12/21/15; 9:20am CST - Galen
Eliza DoLots returns to review the latest Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens.


The Expanse series on Syfy
12/10/15; 1:40pm CST - Galen
I'm a big fan of the books, and have been eagerly awaiting this series since it was announced. I probably should have waited on this review, but I want to help promote The Expanse as much as possible. [UPDATED on 12/17/15]


Mockingjay, Part 2
12/8/15; 3:30pm CST - Galen
I have not been very impressed with either the book or movie series, and the concluding film doesn't change my opinion much. I only bothered with Mockingjay, Part 2 because I'm a completist.





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