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Padre Mellyrn


I started reading before I can remember. My first foray into Sci-fi fantasy came when I received my own library card. From that day on I have never stopped reading. At times I would average about 3 novels a week. My best guess on the number that I have read over the last thirty years has to be over 3,000, which has included at least 10 books on every major subject title.

I Joined the Navy in '74 as an Electronics Tech Communications, as Nuclear Reactor Operator, spent 3 years on the U.S.S. Los Angeles, the first new Nuclear Attack Sub of that Class, circumnavigated the earth. I left the Navy in the 80's and went to work for the Government at Mare Island as a design Engineer in submarines. At the closure of the shipyard in the 90's, I became first a Teamster, prepping the cars for Import, Export and Domestic, then when that plant was closed in the late 90's, returned to school and became a Computer Systems Engineer in San Francisco.

Along the way I went to the BayCon’s in San Jose, where I met the present wife of 20 years, and currently our home library has around 500 books, 300 of which are reference books on Art, Astronomy, Culture, Chemistry, Cooking, Heraldry, History, Law, Movies, Mythology, Physics, Psychology, and Religion. The other 200 are sci-fi fantasy.

Padre's reviews:
Beowulf's Children by Niven, Pournelle & Barnes
The Ender & Homecoming Books by Orson Scott Card


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