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"About the best bio you'll find of [Poul Anderson] is at The Templeton Gate. Galen Strickland, the webmaster of Templeton Gate, is in the process of building a useful, critical site." - James Patrick Kelly, On the Net: Mastery,, Issue 0511

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David Wallingsford

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Captain Marvel
On DVD & Blu-Ray
June 11

Artificial Condition
Murderbot #2
by Martha Wells
Hugo Winner

Incredibles 2
On DVD & Blu-Ray

Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach
by Kelly Robson
Hugo & Nebula Finalist

The Expanse
Seasons 1-3 now on Amazon Prime

Xuya Universe Novellas
by Aliette de Bodard
1 Nebula win + many other nominations

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Oscar, Hugo, Nebula Winner

Featured title from

Predators and Other Stories
by Edward Bryant

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Another affiliate association for The Templeton Gate. ReAnimus Press is bringing some older SF titles back to readers, originally just in e-book formats, later offering print editions through Amazon's CreateSpace division. Not a wide selection, but an interesting mix of authors and titles. They are selling direct from their website, as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and probably some other retail sites as well. However, one of their editors assures me that the authors (or the author's estate) receives a higher commission from them than they get from those other retailers, so if you care about an artist receiving due compensation for their work, then ReAnimus and I would appreciate it if you could use these links when considering your purchases. Another advantage of ReAnimus is that you can get whatever e-book format you need (mobi for Kindle, ePub for Nook, etc.), and you can even get multiple formats for one price if you have different devices that require different formats. No worry about having to re-purchase a title if you've already paid for it once. If you switch from Kindle to Nook or vice-versa, or later get an iPad or other tablet, you can get another format at no extra charge. Just click the link above to see what they have to offer, plus check out the titles below for books that have been reviewed. As with the main banner above, click the underlined title to read the review and the image to go to their site for purchase. Thanks.


  Night Slaves by Jerry Sohl


  Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad


  Phoenix Without Ashes by Edward Bryant


  Costigan's Needle by Jerry Sohl


  The Sigil Trilogy by Henry Gee


  Cinnabar by Edward Bryant


  Particle Theory by Edward Bryant


  The Baku by Edward Bryant


  Neon Twilight by Edward Bryant


  Wyoming Sun by Edward Bryant


  Predators by Edward Bryant