A Tunnel in the Sky

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We are now also a affiliate partner with Bookshop.org, which was recently launched to support independent bookstores forced to close due to the Covid19 pandemic, and to be an alternative to Amazon, whom many people are having more and more negative feelings about. I have a Kindle, and enjoy some Prime shows, so it will be hard to wean myself away from Amazon completely, but I have already cancelled previous pre-orders of print books and re-ordered them from Bookshop. Just in the short time I've been aware of them they have also added digital and audible titles, but I think those are handled by a second party. When I learn more I will update this page. UPDATE: They are using an app called "Must Reads" for e-book titles. You should be able to find that from the Google Play store for phone or tablet. Amazon Kindles have their own app store, which does not include "Must Reads," but using a work-around I was able to download the Google store on my Kindle, so I now have that app, but so far have not used it yet. I had to do a similar action to get Open Library, the app used by my local library for e-books.

This affiliation has been active only since late June 2020, and it will be a work in progress. It will take a long time to search for links to place on all the review pages, but I'll probably do it in reverse order of recent reviews, although I don't know if I will also place all the links on this page as I have on the Amazon page. For now please use links on recent reviews, or use the link below to do a general search. As long as you make a purchase within 48 hours of clicking the link we will get credit for a commission. Thanks.