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I was never a big comic book fan when I was younger, unlike quite a few of my friends. I read the occasional Superman or Batman but didn't buy many of my own. As big a fan as Ogre3000 is I'm surprised he hasn't submitted more than two comic reviews, and so far there's been just two others, with another page that mentions a graphic adaptation. Graphic novels have a much higher profile these days, with the Hugo category being established in 2009, plus so many comic stories being adapted for TV and film. No guarantee about this list growing any time soon, but I have been reading this year's Hugo nominees and may review some of them, plus there are a couple of others I've read recently that I had intended to review by now, but just haven't gotten around to them. These were originally grouped in the Literature category, but with anticipation of future reviews of this type I felt it best to put them in their own section. Stay tuned.


Listed in reverse order of their postings, along with who reviewed them:

Best Graphic Story Hugo Finalists - Galen
Four other titles up for the 2017 award, other than Ms. Marvel and Saga - Monstress, The Vision, Paper Girls, and Black Panther.

Saga (2012- ) - Galen

Ms. Marvel (2014- ) - Galen

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 - Galen

Orbiter by Warren Ellis & Colleen Doran - SF Explorer

Joe's Comics (3 by J. Michael Straczynski) - Ogre3000

Manhunter by Archie Goodwin & Walter Simonson - Ogre3000


Plus another page that has comments about a graphic version of a novelized story:

Phoenix Without Ashes, concerning the novel by Edward Bryant, and Harlan Ellison's teleplay and graphic novel adaptation of his pilot script for TV's The Starlost - Galen


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