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aka, Gregg Macklin


My folks got me to learn to read at 5 or 6, something I had resisted, when they found out that I loved science and the Space Program. They bought me a book, as I recall, the How and Why Wonder Book of Space and Space Flight. When I asked my parents to tell me what it said, I was told to learn to read and find out for myself. I have been hooked on reading since that time. I love SF books and books on flight. This love of flight led me into the Air Force where I started out as an Aircraft Mechanic. My eyesight is such that flying Military Aircraft was not going to be, not to mention my math scores. I did not make it to Vietnam, as by the time I got through Tech School the war was over (or so it seemed). I did get to Thailand and was there when the war really did end with the fall of Laos (less than 40Km away), Cambodia, and Siagon (South Vietnam) in 1975.

Stationed Stateside it was pointed out that I knew the what to do the repair on an aircraft but somewhere between my brain and the end of the tool something was lost. A mechanic I was (and am NOT). I have learned to fly and even if I say so I am good at it, but I won't fly something I have repaired. So the Air Force made me a cop. I did that work both in and out of the Air Force for more than 19 years. Then I worked for the Defense Accounting Finance Agency in Indianapolis, auditing long term travel claims. I saw about half a million in claims each week. My wife of over 20 years and I own about 10 acres in Southern Indiana, of which about half is wooded. We garden and grow a lot of what we eat.

UPDATE: I'm now retired, and when not busy on the farm I have been writing rather than reading. My first novel, Time's Crossroads has just been published.

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