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aka Chris Exner


Out of high school I wanted to be either a writer or a rock star. After playing in several bands and leaving college after my second year to write book and music reviews for a local newspaper (and attempting to write short fiction, but receiving nothing but rejection slips so far), I found it was time to go back to school, and am now attending Globe College for an Associate’s Degree in Multimedia. I’m currently working in a warehouse part time and concentrating the rest of my time studying, reading sf, and collecting all sortsa junk. Also trying to find more time to write some reviews for the Gate.

My favorite authors are Frederik Pohl, Greg Bear, Philip K. Dick, and John Brunner. I also am intrigued with the history of sf and the lives of the people who write it. I’m also currently working on a few stories and some screen plays with some friends and when I leave college I AM going to work within the sf field in some degree/manner, even if I have to create it on my own.

Chris' articles and reviews (so far):
Collecting SF: In Search of the Rare and Out of Print on the Internet

Book reviews:
Frederik Pohl's Slave Ship


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