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Non-Fiction Books

It has been a while since I've read a non-fiction book, at least one I'd care to review. Many I've read in the past, and ones I might get to in the future, relate to various scientific disciplines, which in a roundabout way relate to most of the fiction I read. The listings here will be the same as on the SF Literature page, in reverse chronological order as they are posted. All dates on this site are in standard American notation; Month/Day/Year.


4//22 - I've reviewed Annalee Newitz's two novels, both of which I can recommend. In addition to those they are both an historian, and a writer of technical articles for various venues. Four Lost Cities is subtitled "A Secret History of the Urban Age." It concerns four different complex cities that reigned their area for many years, yet eventually declined, and now are studied by archaeologists and anthropologists, and all are also tourist destinations.

4/5/22 - Katie Mack's The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) is an excellent exploration of the various current theories as to the possible fate of the universe(s). But before contemplating the end, the beginning is considered as well.



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