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Fantastic 4

Reviewed by Ogre3000
Posted July 9, 2005

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Two words: simply fantastic! Another movie I was worried about, since Marvel's record has either been movies that blow you away or that are so bad (see Hulk) you wonder how it passed muster among the editors. But Fantastic 4 was a fun and enjoyable update of the FF mythos with the characters brought to life. Though, I did have a problem with Doctor Doom (Julian McMahon); too soft till the end. Like a Donald Trump-style business man instead of European dictator/would-be world ruler.

Well, the new version has Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) and Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) hats in hand, presenting a project to Victor Von Doom. Richards, a cutting edge genius, needs this project since he has run his businesses into bankruptcy. And we find that both Sue Storm--Reed's former love interest (Jessica Alba)--and her brother, Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) both work for Von Doom, something else to stick in Reed's craw. Von Doom takes on Reed's project, which is a study on DNA in cosmic storms, mostly to enjoy lording it over his college rival.The story moves to Von Doom's space station (of course shaped in a "V", which cover his building and his name is on every single item) and the real start of The Fantastic Four origin begins.

I really enjoyed this movie, saw it twice, less than 5 hours apart. The casting is great, the actors do feel like the FF. To me the best "straight-from-the-comic" riff, is The Thing vs. The Torch relationship, it's dead-on and funny as hell. Reed is super-smart, yet clueless when it comes to Sue. I did like Alba as Sue, but it is a bit weak. But then again, they've changed Sue's character from "superhero mom" to "hot babe." I can't imagine anyone getting that character down with any satisfaction. The Torch and The Thing are the characters from the comic, no doubt whatsoever. And like I said, Doom was way too light and I didn't believe he was Victor Von Doom until the character murders in cold blood in a very chilling scene.

Welp, don't believe the negative reviews (one actually said the SFX looked like they were from the '80s, what movie did this person see?). I had a good time and so did the audience, the true judges of a good film. And while Batman is probably the best comic adaptation of the year, this was the most fun one. I give it a 5 out of 5 and will of course buy the DVD and hope for sequels...

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Tim Story

Mark Frost
Michael France

July 8, 2005

Jessica Alba
Michael Chiklis
Chris Evans
Ioan Gruffudd
Julian McMahon

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