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Spider-Man 3

Reviewed by Ogre3000
Posted May 7, 2007

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Loads of fevered anticipation for the third installment of the Spider-man franchise was finally resolved this last week; Spider-Man 3 was finally here! And apparently, while the film has been receiving mixed reviews, movie-goers voted with their feet and packed the theaters to help it break box office records of all time!

Alright, the skinny: The story takes place pretty close to the end of 2004's Spider-Man 2, which ended with Mary Jane learning who Spidey was, and Harry Osborne, son of Norman Osborne, the Green Goblin, finding his evil heritage and setting up the next story arc.

The story begins with further romantic courtship of Peter and Mary Jane, as only a spider can, up in a web. A meteorite crashes nearby and a weird black liquid critter of some sort attaches itself to the back of Peter's scooter and he takes it back to his apartment unaware. I would like to point out this saves a lot of Spiderman and Marvel back-history in that Spiderman got his black costume (really the Venom symbiote) in Marvel Comics "Secret Wars," a comics event that happened back in the '80s, followed by a sequel and a Toy Biz action figure line based on the series. The Ultimate Spiderman series (a separate universe created by Marvel in 2000, slimmed-down and so new readers could jump into collecting) had that Peter and Eddie Brock's (the guy who becomes Venom) father created the Venom symbiote in a lab, seeking the cure for cancer.

Meanwhile, Harry as the new Goblin, plots his revenge. Eddie Brock, a new hot-shot news phot-tog challenges Peter Parker's role as Spiderman's photographer and Mary Jane premieres on Broadway in a leading role. And, Flint Marko, a minor criminal, fugitive from the police, is accidentally turned into the powerful and later, raging, Sandman. And soon it all comes together to plague and confound and literally pound Spiderman from all sides.

Welp, I really enjoyed the movie. Sam Raimi delivers a film that takes your breath away at points. The only complaint (and it might have been IMAX and my vision, I need a check-up/update for my contacts/glasses) but sometimes it was almost too much, like the whirling, crazed action overloaded my senses. But all the cast delivers, the SFX are fantastic and it's nearly-perfect yet again in bringing the comic to life.

5 out of 5 and of course, seeing it again and so forth.

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Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi
Ivan Raimi
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May 4, 2007

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