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The Orion Protocol

Reviewed by Michael Woodard
Posted March 1, 2006

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Journalist Angela Browning has been sent classified pictures of alien ruins on the planet of Mars- and she intends to hunt down this lead whatever the cost. Conspiracies, secret government projects and deadly threats abound as she slowly unveils a hidden threat - one that could change the world as we know it.

I have to be honest - there are some books I've read that I wish I hadn't. The Orion Protocol is one of those books. I probably read a couple dozen books a year and honestly, I enjoy most of them. Every now and then, one pops up that I have to struggle through just to finish that tends to put me off reading for a while.

It's very helpful if a book has something called a 'hook' right up there at the beginning - by the end of the first chapter if not sooner - that will get the reader intensely interested and curious. It doesn't matter if you use mystery, humor, shock or what - but there has to be something. I think this book tried to do that with 'subtle hinting' in the prologue. It didn't really pan out. I found myself constantly thinking 'I just don't care.'

The book had other problems as well: two-dimensional characters, bad guys with a hidden agenda that basically seems to be 'if this secret gets out, they might vote for the other party in the next election!' and the biggest problem of all- it was just, plain boring. There is nothing in this book that hasn't been done before - and better. You can listen to 'Coast to Coast AM' with Art Bell or George Noory or whoever is doing it now and get better, more believable and entertaining stories of government cover-ups and ruins on Mars. In fact, the more I read the book, the more I couldn't help but thinking Tigerman was listening to that particular show cribbing notes for this book.

If you're a huge huge fan of government conspiracies and the 'ruins' on Mars, you might be, well, somewhat entertained by this book. Otherwise, I'd say skip it.

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