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King Kong (2005)

Reviewed by Ogre3000
Posted December 14, 2005

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First off, let's get these items out of the way; I hate unnessasary remakes when there are great or good versions previously. And I detest Jack Black and still have a stigma with Adrien Brody for being part of the ignoble "The Village." Now, with this new version of King Kong, I can forgive and forget all that. This new version, while there are some changes, is a Kong fan's dream! You can see the hand that loves this story firmly behind the making and crafting of this familar tale. If this movie isn't the new "Titanic" and doesn't smash box office records, I will be very stunned.

Our story begins firmly in the original era of Kong, the 1930s. We meet soulful Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), a struggling comedian in Vaudeville. Her life collapses and she is out on the street in Depression America. Then the story shows shifty "boy genius" director (modeled after Orson Welles) Carl Denham (Jack Black) outrun his money men and flee to the Venture, the ship he has hired to make his film. On the way, he encounters Ann, the girl that fate has chosen to be in his movie. And through Denham's iron will, personality and conniving, the Venture finds the "last place not on the maps," Skull Island.

Well, the story is pretty much like the original and the '76 remake (which version had all new names for some reason), save for a new character, Bruce Baxter (Kyle Chandler from "Early Edition"). And Watts has to have the most compelling eyes I have ever seen on the screen, I challenge anyone not to fall in love with her character. Actually, everyone, from the top stars down, turn in great performances, even the ship's crew who are kind of clichés of 'scurvy sea-dogs' all show deep character, and instead of what could have been a stereotypical bunch of creeps, come across as almost a family.

That's pretty much it, the movie is not flawless but damned near perfect for a remake and oh yes, the SFX are jaw-dropping and seem sometimes so real, you swear Jackson got a camera to an alternate time line for real time filming of actual events. Off the scale for a rating and of course, I will see it again and again and buy the DVD...

Till next time,
Carl aka OGRE3000


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Peter Jackson

Fran Walsh
Philippa Boyens
Peter Jacson

December 14, 2005

Jack Black
Naomi Watts
Adrien Brody
Colin Hanks
Kyle Chandler
Thomas Kretschmann
Andy Serkis

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